MultiMerch Marketplace with Pavilion Theme by ThemeBurn & OpenCart

Note: Support for Pavilion and the other ThemeBurn themes has been discontinued as of November 2018! We recommend using Basel theme instead.

This guide covers the whole process from installing OpenCart and MultiMerch to installing and configuring Pavilion theme. This guide was written for OpenCart and MultiMerch 8.14.

Installing OpenCart

Setting up OpenCart is quite a straightforward process that OpenCart documentation and various third party tutorials cover in detail. This guide outlines the main steps required to have a clean OpenCart marketplace up and running successfully.

1. Download the OpenCart archive

In most cases when creating your marketplace from scratch you'll want to use the latest stable version of OpenCart available.

While at the time of writing this guide OpenCart 3 appears as the main OpenCart version download, we do not consider it production-ready and do not recommend for live marketplaces until it matures.

Therefore, we'll use OpenCart which is the latest stable version of OpenCart and can be downloaded from the Previous Releases page on the official OpenCart website.

2. Unpack and upload OpenCart files

OpenCart download usually comes as a single archive containing a number of different files and folders. You only need to upload the contents of the upload/ folder that is part of the archive – not the archive or the upload/ folder itself.

You can use any preferred FTP client or your CPanel file manager to upload the files. As always, we'll be using WinSCP, but you can also use FileZilla or any other software to upload the files.

3. Run the OpenCart installer

Once the files are uploaded, you can run the OpenCart installed by visiting your marketplace URL in your browser. OpenCart will redirect you to the first step of the installation process.

Depending on your OpenCart version and your server setup, you may need to rename a few OpenCart config files (config-dist.php and admin/config-dist.php) and adjust folder permissions. You will also need your database credentials at hand at this point.

License agreement

4. Download and install vQmod modification system for OpenCart

MultiMerch uses vQmod modification system for OpenCart so you need it installed in order for MultiMerch to work correctly.

vQmod comes as a free and open source program - for more information, see our blog post covering  OpenCart modification systems.

Installing vQmod is a simple three step process:

  • Download the latest version of vQmod for OpenCart from the official vQmod repository on GitHubMake sure you're downloading the archive ending with -opencart, not -standalone!
  • Unpack and upload vQmod files to the root of your OpenCart folder
  • Run the vQmod installation script by visiting the http://( link. You will receive a success message notifying you that vQmod has been installed.


5. Configure OpenCart and finish the installation

Complete the setup by configuring your new OpenCart marketplace through the admin area. Once this is done, you will have the latest version of a clean OpenCart store running on your server with some demo data created such as demo products and banners.

Your Store

Your new OpenCart store is now installed and fully functional!

Installing the ThemeBurn Pavilion theme for OpenCart

Once you have your OpenCart store up and running, you can proceed with Pavilion setup.

Pavilion is a premium OpenCart theme by ThemeBurn, which you need to purchase from ThemeForest. The theme itself is not included in MultiMerch.

Since the complete Pavilion installation process is in detail described in ThemeBurn's Documentation, we'll only cover the main steps here.

1. Download the Pavilion archive

After completing your purchase on ThemeForest, you will receive an archive containing Pavilion files.

2. Unpack and upload Pavilion to your server

Inside the archive, you'll see a number of files and folders. You need to upload the contents of the OpenCart_v2.x/ folder over to your server.

3. Install the BurnEngine control module

Now log into your OpenCart administration interface and install the BurnEngine admin panel through Admin > Extensions > Themes > BurnEngine > Install. This will create the necessary database tables and configuration variables for Pavilion theme.

4. Activate Pavilion for OpenCart

After BurnEngine control module has been installed, you can enable Pavilion in your store by navigating to Admin > System › Settings › Store > Edit › General › Theme dropdown and choosing BurnEngine. If you're running OpenCart, it will happen automatically.

5. Configure Pavilion and install sample data as necessary

Your OpenCart store is now running the beautiful Pavilion theme by ThemeBurn!

You can now proceed with configuring Pavilion and installing sample data by following the First Steps guide of ThemeBurn documentation.

6. Success!

Once sample data is installed, you can take a look at your new store with Pavilion theme!

Pavilion by ThemeBurn is a great multipurpose theme by ThemeBurn that can be used for all kinds of stores and marketplaces from fashion and clothing to handmade goods and crafts.


For more information on configuring and using Pavilion, see the ThemeBurn Pavilion documentation.

Installing MultiMerch Marketplace

Now when OpenCart and Pavilion are installed and running correctly, comes the important part – get ready to install MultiMerch and turn your OpenCart store into a complete multivendor marketplace!

Although we have the standard MultiMerch multivendor setup covered in our documentation, installing MultiMerch with Pavilion requires just a few simple extra steps so we'll cover the whole process here once again.

1. Download MultiMerch files

After purchasing MultiMerch through MultiMerch website or OpenCart Marketplace, you will receive access to your MultiMerch Marketplace account where you can download the latest MultiMerch version.

2. Download ThemeBurn compatibility files

If you signed up for a Multimerch plan that includes ThemBurn compatibility and theme integration files, you will also find an archive called in your account.

In case you're using MultiMerch Basic don't have the compatibility files included, you will need to follow our generic custom theme integration guide to make Pavilion work with MultiMerch. However, we recommend upgrading to MultiMerch Professional to save the trouble of going through the whole integration process manually.

3. Extract and upload the files

Unpack both MultiMerch Marketplace and ThemeBurn Compatibility archives and upload the files over to your OpenCart setup in the following order.

  • Upload MultiMerch files from the upload/ folder inside the MultiMerch archive to the main folder of your marketplace
  • Upload the ThemeBurn Compatibility files from the upload_multimerch8/ folder inside the ThemeBurn Compatibility archive to your marketplace root.

6. Install and configure MultiMerch Marketplace with ThemeBurn

After the files are uploaded, log into your OpenCart admin area and navigate to Admin > MultiMerch > Install.

This will install MultiMerch and redirect you to MultiMerch configuration.

opencart journal2 multimerch settings

You are now running a multivendor OpenCart setup with Pavilion by Themeburn and MultiMerch Marketplace!

Overview of OpenCart with MultiMerch Marketplace & Pavilion

These are some examples of an OpenCart marketplace running MultiMerch with Pavilion compatibility.

Vendor's public profile page is responsive and uses Pavilion's styles.

Product page displays vendor's complete profile as well as any shipping and handling rules specified by the vendor of the product.

Customer's order dashboard uses MultiMerch design and Pavilion styles. MultiMerch replaces OpenCart's default customer order dashboard with its own layout for a more user friendly experience.

Vendor's dashboard and other account areas are using Pavilion styles and blend into the overall look and feel of the marketplace.

Vendor's product listing form and profile forms are styled to match Pavilion's look.


The list of marketplace vendors looks perfectly in line with the rest of the marketplace.

That's it - your MultMerch Marketplace with Pavilion by ThemeBurn is now ready to accept vendors and orders!

You can view the demo of MultiMerch running Pavilion and other ThemeBurn themes on our MultiMerch demo page.