What are the best OpenCart themes?

If you've ever looked for the perfect OpenCart theme for your marketplace, you may have wondered – what's the best OpenCart theme out there?

Well, the truth is – it really depends on what you understand by "best". There can be different factors, such as:

  • price
  • popularity
  • code quality
  • regularity of updates
  • customer support quality
  • … as well as others

With OpenCart specifically, it’s unfortunately a rare case when you can get all of them at once or even most of them in a single theme – it’s mostly either or.

First, I would definitely suggest you check this great forums post on OpenCart Forums regarding the quality of OpenCart themes  by one of the original OpenCart core developers: 2016 - Why are there so many Terrible themes?!

In this thread the developer, Qphoria, groups most popular OpenCart themes into the following lists:

  • avoid at all costs
  • not recommended
  • use with caution
  • generally safe

Apart from this, you’re generally good to go with one of the most popular OpenCart themes from ThemeForest:

  1. Journal
  2. Shoppica
  3. Sellegance

or pretty much with any of the Top 10 or 15 themes from ThemeForest. They’re generally considered good and are popular enough to get regular updates and timely support.

As for free themes – unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of decent free themes for OpenCart. Most of them are either poorly coded or look outdated (or both).

Earlier this year we’ve covered an offer by KulerThemes where you could get all of their premium themes for free – the offer still seems to be valid, although you may not get great support and regular updates with it. These themes look decent, though.

We’ve also assembled a list of the 50 most popular OpenCart websites recently along with the themes each of them uses. You’ll see that most of them are either custom themes or one of the ThemeForest bestsellers.

To wrap this up – there are decent OpenCart themes out there, but you’ll need to choose carefully :)

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