Can I use OpenCart in Catalog Mode (no prices and cart)?

Two ways of doing this, actually – either you use an existing OpenCart extension or modify your store yourself.

If you want a quick and straight forward solution, I would recommend you search for a Catalog Mode extension on OpenCart Extensions.

There are quite a few of them – all under $25. These are the top rated ones:

If you want to do it yourself (although I wouldn’t recommend it since the extensions are plenty and cheap), you’ll need to hide or remove the price and the purchase buttons from a set of OpenCart core files.

You’ll need to modify at least the following parts of OpenCart to hide product prices and purchase buttons:

  • product page template – catalog/view/theme/(your theme)/template/product/product.tpl
  • product listing (category page) template – catalog/view/theme/(your theme)/template/product/category.tpl
  • search result template – catalog/view/theme/(your theme)/template/product/search.tpl
  • specials template template – catalog/view/theme/(your theme)/template/product/special.tpl
  • featured products module – catalog/view/theme/(your theme)/template/module/featured.tpl
  • best seller products module – catalog/view/theme/(your theme)/template/module/bestseller.tpl
  • specials products module – catalog/view/theme/(your theme)/template/module/special.tpl

You can either comment out the product price variables and “add to cart” button elements or hide them by applying a “display:none” style to them.

In addition to this, you will need to remove all references to cart and checkout from the OpenCart front store. At the very least, it means:

  • removing the cart link from the top menu – catalog/view/theme/(your theme)/template/common/header.tpl
  • disabling the cart controller – catalog/controller/common/cart.php (you may want to redirect the customers to the home page, for example)
  • disabling the checkout controllers – catalog/controller/checkout/*.php

Depending on your version of OpenCart and the theme you’re using, there may be other parts of code to take care of.

As you can see, it is quite a bit of work so in most cases you’ll want to simply go with an existing extension.

If you still have to carry out the modifications yourself, don’t modify the OpenCart core files directly – always do it via OCMOD or vQmod.

Changing core files directly is messy and will prevent you from upgrading your setup in the future.

We’ve recently written a separate blog post describing vQmod and OCMOD and which one you should use and when.