Are there any good OpenCart stores out there?

It can be tricky to find a list of decently looking OpenCart stores since OpenCart lacks an official showcase for some reason compared to PrestaShop and Magento which have magnificent showcases and customer stories.

OpenCart’s Live Stores list, on the other hand, is just a list of various OpenCart themes – not sure why they call it Live Stores.

We had a similar question recently and since there wasn’t a list of OpenCart stores available we had to build our own list – this turned into a blog post covering 50 most popular OpenCart stores.

That this list contains stores sorted by popularity, not by elegance or design quality. However, many of them are not only popular, but also have a clean and modern look, for example:





6 Brandshop






In addition to this, you may want to look into portals that specifically collect websites using a particular engine, OpenCart in this case – for example, CMSICO.

This one has a database of over 20k OpenCart websites. Although I wouldn’t call most of them beautiful, but you can definitely find decent designs among them.

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