Order management in MultiMerch

When a customer purchases one or more products from vendors in your marketplace, a new pending order is automatically generated. Depending on your multi vendor marketplace setup, it will either get approved and completed by your payment gateway automatically or will require manual status change.

As soon as the order is completed, both you as the marketplace owner and all vendors whose products have been purchased will receive a new order notification. In addition to this, vendors will automatically receive new balance transactions to their accounts when the order becomes completed.

A single order may contain products from one or multiple vendors at the same time. In this case, each vendor will have access to their part of the order only.

Marketplace order management

You as the marketplace owner have full control over all orders in the marketplace through the Admin > Sales > Orders interface.



This section lets you view and manage all orders made from all vendors in your marketplace. Orders can be sorted and filtered by different parameters, modified and removed.

Since each order may contain products from multiple vendors, the View Order Details page displays additional information about products from all vendors within the order – which products have been purchased, what are vendor earnings and your marketplace calculated commissions.

Separate invoices can be generated to customers for each of the orders listed here.

Vendor order management

In addition to the main multi vendor marketplace order management interface, individual vendors have access to their own order management section in their vendor dashboards. This allows them to view and process their own orders within your marketplace.


Order Information


Since a single order may contain products from different vendors, this vendor interface only displays information that is applicable to the current vendor.

It also allows vendors to manage order status to process and dispatch their orders as well as generate their own invoices and shipping slips to customers. When the order is processed, both the marketplace owner and the customer receive a new email notification.

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