Order status in MultiMerch




In MultiMerch, vendor balance records for sales are only created when the order is completed and paid. However, depending on your multi vendor marketplace configuration, you can use different status settings to mark orders completed or refunded. To handle this, MultiMerch provides two configuration status settings: for completed orders and refunded orders.

With the completed orders status setting, you as the marketplace owner can define order statuses that will indicate that the order is "completed and paid" and used to fund vendor accounts. When the order status is changed, MultiMerch automatically checks whether the new status is one of the "completed statuses". If this is true, the order is considered completed and vendor receives a fund transaction to their balance.

Refuned orders setting works in a similar manner, but is intended for reverse transactions. When the order changes its status to one of the refunded statuses, it's considered by MultiMerch as a completed refund and the corresponding amount is deducted from vendor's balance.

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