Payment flow in MultiMerch

By default in MultiMerch vendors receive their royalty payments for product sales indirectly. The following is the default payment flow in a MultiMerch multi vendor marketplace when it is used with standard OpenCart payment gateways:

  1. Purchase. The buyer purchases one or more products from one or multiple vendors. One payment is made for the whole order and the funds are transferred to the marketplace owner.
  2. Sale transaction (balance record entry). Once the order payment is completed, MultiMerch creates a record in the database for each product within the order that stores the information about the amounts – product price, store fee and vendor's royalty amount. These transactions form vendor's balance.
  3. Payout. The marketplace owner performs a payout to the vendor. Depending on the business model of the company, the payout interval may vary – this can happen weekly, monthly or even on request. Different payout methods may be used to perform payouts – see MultiMerch Payouts.
  4. Payout transaction (balance record entry). When the payout is completed, MultiMerch creates a negative record in the database that deducts the payout amount from the vendor's balance.

This is the standard payment flow in MultiMerch when used with regular OpenCart payment gateways. Instant parallel and split payments are supported by PayPal Adaptive for MultiMerch.

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