Custom OpenCart themes & MultiMerch

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The default theme that comes with OpenCart out of the box is boring and makes your store look plain and generic.

We've analyzed more than 200,000 OpenCart-powered stores and created a list of the 50 most popular OpenCart websites. It turns out that 49 out of 50 top OpenCart stores don't use the default OpenCart theme.

Furthermore, none of the top OpenCart multi vendor marketplaces powered by MultiMerch use the default theme – and you probably don't want to use it either.

The good thing is – OpenCart has over 500+ custom themes from third party developers to choose from to give your store a beautiful and unique look.

MultiMerch is designed to support custom OpenCart themes. This means the theme you install will not only make your store look great in general, but it will also make your vendor profiles and dashboards match the style of your store.

In most cases, installing and enabling the theme should be enough to make MultiMerch use the new layouts and design. However, in some cases additional integration may be required on your side to get your theme to work with MultiMerch perfectly. In some cases, we provide ready made compatibility packs for select themes.

We created a set of documents related to using custom OpenCart themes with MultiMerch that cover everything you need to know about MultiMerch and OpenCart themes. Follow the links below for more information:

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