Frequently Asked Questions

Does MultiMerch support custom OpenCart themes?
MultiMerch is designed to support custom OpenCart themes. However, not all themes are 100% compatible with MultiMerch out of the box.

Is theme X compatible with MultiMerch?
The easiest way to tell this is to either ask your theme developer or to install and test it out with MultiMerch. If this is not possible, the rule of thumb is the less custom features and OpenCart modifications the theme has, the more compatible it is with MultiMerch.

How can I make theme X compatible with MultiMerch?
Please see our custom theme installation & integration guide.

Do you provide free support for custom themes?
We will be happy to point you in the right direction to get your custom theme working with MultiMerch.

However, since each and every theme is different, we don't provide free support and development for custom theme related MultiMerch issues.

If you are running MultiMerch with a custom OpenCart theme, please follow our detailed custom theme installation & integration guide. If you have an OpenCart developer working on your store, this guide should be sufficient for them to get your theme working.

Can I hire someone to install and integrate a custom OpenCart theme with MultiMerch?
Of course. There are a few different options:

Depending on the theme, making it 100% compatible with MultiMerch may take between a few hours and a few days.

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