Creating vendor accounts in MultiMerch

There are three different ways of creating a vendor account in MultiMerch multi vendor marketplace.

First, the new visitors of your marketplace may want to sign up for a vendor account.

Second, existing customers may decide to apply for a vendor account in addition to the customer account (like on eBay or Amazon).

Finally, you as the marketplace owner may want to create an account for a vendor manually – for example, after first discussing the details via phone or email.

New visitors becoming vendors

Visitors who are browsing your marketplace may decide to become vendors and sell their products in your store. MultiMerch makes it an easy process through the simplified two step vendor signup.

First, the visitor fills out a simple signup form providing basic details and credentials for their account:


Register seller account


This data will be used to authenticate the vendor in your marketplace in the future.

Second, the vendor fills out his vendor profile form. This form contains public vendor details such as description, avatar & banner, links to social profiles and other things.


Seller Profile


Once this form is completed, vendor's account is either approved automatically or set into "pending validation" state for you as the marketplace owner to approve.

As soon as the vendor account is active, they can start selling in your marketplace.


Existing customers creating a vendor account

It is also possible that existing customers may decide to start selling their products in your multi vendor marketplace.

In this case, the process is even simpler. The customer only needs to click the "Create a vendor account" in their account area and fill out the same "Vendor profile" form displayed above. As soon as the application is approved, the customer will be able to also sell their products using the same credentials.


Creating vendors through marketplace administration

In some cases, you as the marketplace owner may decide to create a vendor account manually. This is usually the case with marketplaces where vendor applications are processed via phone or email first.

This can be done through the admin vendor creation page at Admin > MultiMerch > Vendors > Create.




This interface allows you to either create a vendor account for an existing user or register a new user.

Compared to the default front office interface, this page allows you to specify additional vendor details such as vendor group, commission rates, badges, settings and other things.

About the authorMartin Boze is the Founder of MultiMerch Marketplace. I also love skydiving, motorcycles and space. And other cool things.