Public vendor profiles in MultiMerch

All MultiMerch vendors have their own public front store (profile) inside your multi vendor marketplace with a set of fields that can be customized for better presentation and sales generation.


Martin Boze s profile


Vendors can describe their store to give customers detailed information about themselves – who they are, what they offer, what are their delivery and return policies and other important information about their store.

In addition to this, each vendor can upload their avatar and banner – avatars are displayed on all public vendor pages while the banner can be used to give the main profile page a personal touch.

You as the multi vendor marketplace owner can define a set of social networks to let your vendors specify their social network profiles. This gives customers extra assurance that the vendor is legit and safe to purchase from. All social network links are displayed in the right sidebar.

Each vendor in MultiMerch can specify a list of their top products to feature in the main profile page. Additionally, there is a separate "Store" page listing all products belonging to this specific vendor.

Vendor profiles also display extra information about each vendor such as the number of products published and sold by the vendor, the amount of time they are registered in the marketplace, their website and company as well as any applicable vendor badges this vendor has earned.

Finally, registered customers can contact the vendor for more information about their products either privately or using public Disqus comments.

Martin is the founder of MultiMerch who has dedicated his life to building great products.