Vendor groups in MultiMerch

MultiMerch vendor groups provide a convenient way of managing fees & commissions, badges and other settings for different vendors within your multi vendor marketplace.


Seller groups


In MultiMerch, vendor groups make it possible to assign different commission rates and settings to different vendors. A vendor always belongs to one group and the vendor group settings apply to all vendors within the group who do not have any individual settings defined for them specifically.

Vendor group inheritance & override system

There are 3 levels where various vendor properties can be defined for vendors. These are, from the most general one to the most specific one:

  1. Default Vendor Group
  2. Specific Vendor Group
  3. Particular Vendor's Settings

The default vendor group is created during installation and cannot be deleted. All new vendors are assigned to the default vendor group by default, so care should be taken when changing settings for the default group.

When a vendor gets assigned to a different group, it's considered the specific vendor group. If a setting is defined for the specific vendor group, it overrides the default group setting for all vendors within this group, otherwise the value will be inherited from the default group.

Finally, it's possible to specify some settings for one particular vendor. Those settings, when defined, will override both specific vendor group and the default group settings. If not defined, the values will get inherited from the specific vendor's group or the default group.

Such an inheritance system makes it possible to set up a flexible fee & commission system, create different groups with different validation settings and make best use of vendor badges. For more information on fees & commissions, check MultiMerch Fees & Commissions.

Managing vendor groups

MultiMerch provides a simple and user friendly interface for managing vendor groups that can be found under Admin > MultiMerch > Vendor Groups. MultiMerch integration with DataTables allows for quick group sorting and filtering and the "New/Edit Group" forms let the store owner create new and modify existing groups.

Vendor Group name and description are multi language fields that are compatible with multi language OpenCart setups.

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