MultiMerch vendor account properties

In addition to the OpenCart's standard buyer fields like names and addresses, MultiMerch marketplace introduces a set of its own properties specifically for vendor accounts.




Vendor nickname is used to identify the vendor throughout the store instead of the full name. This appears in various areas both in the store front and in the admin area including vendor information on the product page, customer's orders, private messages and in other places.

SEO keyword (or vendor slug) is the vendor's nickname that will be displayed in the links if SEO-friendly URLs are enabled in OpenCart. It usually (but not necessarily) consists of alphanumeric symbols in contrast to vendor's display nickname that can include spaces, diacritics and other Unicode characters.

Vendor group is the group the vendor belongs to. For more information about vendor groups check MultiMerch Vendor Groups.

Product validation setting defines whether manual product approval is enabled for this vendor specifically. Note that disabling this setting globally doesn't change the vendor-specific setting.

Description, company, country, region/state is the generic information that will be displayed on the vendor's profile page in the store.

Paypal is the vendor's PayPal address that will be used for receiving PayPal payouts from the store.

Vendor avatar is the image that will be displayed on the vendor profile page along with the rest of information. Vendor avatars are also used on various pages throughout the store – product page, vendor lists and other places.

Vendor status defines whether the vendor's account is enabled, disabled or deleted.

Additionally, it's possible to define vendor-specific commission rates that will get applied to the selected vendor only. For more information on commissions, check MultiMerch Fee Structure.

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