Technically, MultiMerch can be translated into any language supported by OpenCart, which pretty much means any language. It's possible to translate administration interfaces as well as vendor areas in front office and emails sent to vendors and the store owner.

What languages is MultiMerch available in?
At the moment, we don't offer complete translations to other languages, but it is a work in progress.

The following partial translations for MultiMerch are available on GitHub:

How do I translate MultiMerch into my own language?
Translating MultiMerch is easy. All you need to do is copy MultiMerch language folders (catalog/language/ andadmin/language/) from inside the MultiMerch archive to your custom language folder (e.g. de_DE for German) and translate the files inside them.

To make the process of translating MultiMerch easier, we keep the latest version of all MultiMerch Complete Package language files for English on GitHub. Simply download the files, put them in appropriate language folders in your OpenCart installation and translate them.

If you would like to share your MultiMerch translation – please let us know and we'll be happy to offer it to MultiMerch users!