Our services

We've designed and built the MultiMerch marketplace platform to make it possible for business owners to launch custom online marketplaces.

The experience gained in process now allows us to offer a diverse set of services in designing, building and launching online stores and marketplaces.

Online marketplaces with MultiMerch

From the largest online malls like Amazon and eBay to specific niches like digital marketplaces, event and booking websites and others – multi vendor e-commerce is as popular as ever in 2018.

As the team behind MultiMerch Marketplace software, we're glad to bring our expertise to the table in offering multi vendor e-commerce services dealing with:

  • multi vendor onboarding for small businesses
  • custom-designed online marketplaces
  • multi vendor software for developers
  • maintenance of online marketplaces

Whether you're ready to get started in the online marketplace world or are looking for advice and considering your options – we'll help you find what works specifically for you.

Read more about our services for online marketplaces.


Online stores with OpenCart and MultiMerch

You don't always need an online marketplace at once – many of them start as regular online stores and grow from there organically.

We've been designing and building online stores with OpenCart before MultiMerch became a success in multi vendor e-commerce.

In addition to multi vendor e-commerce services, we also offer regular online store solutions and services for business:

  • turnkey online stores for business with OpenCart
  • OpenCart development and integration services
  • support and maintenance of OpenCart stores

We know OpenCart in and out and will make it work for you – whether you're already running an OpenCart store or are just considering it as a possible solution.


Digital marketing services for e-commerce

There's more to launching a successful online store or a marketplace than just software – digital marketing is a crucial component of an e-commerce business.

The "build it and they will come" approach doesn't work – we've seen a great deal of perfectly built online stores slowly wasting away empty.

After years of building MultiMerch Marketplace and helping our clients run successful online marketplaces, we've learned a lot about various aspects of marketing in e-commerce, such as:

  • performing a market and industry research
  • developing audiences and buyer personas
  • researching search queries and keywords
  • auditing, researching and planning content
  • preparing marketing strategies and roadmaps

It's always a good idea to evaluate your marketing efforts whether you're running a successful business or are just starting out in e-commerce – we'll be happy to work with you here.


Design and user experience services

Good design is good business – especially when you're running an e-commerce website where design directly affects conversions.

To make MultiMerch Marketplace software even better, we've assembled a great design team experienced in:

  • best design practices for online stores and marketplaces
  • user experience and usability research
  • user flow analysis and conversion-oriented design
  • designing great interfaces

In 2018, you can't afford to lose customers due to poorly thought out and badly designed pages – together, we can build effective and efficient designs that work for you.


How we carry out projects in MultiMerch

No one likes missed deadlines – whether in a small development project or when building a complete online marketplace from scratch.

We want to make sure our clients are happy with our services, therefore we strive to keep improving our project management skills at all times.

All projects carried out by our team consist of a set of well-defined processes, such as:

  • getting to know you and your requirements
  • making sure the project is feasible and works for you
  • estimating and planning the project in detail
  • monitoring and controlling the execution
  • completing the project successfully

This lets us make sure that what we're doing is right for you and your company – and keep doing a better job at it.