MultiMerch design services

Good design is good business.

This is especially true in e-commerce where conversions matter – a lot!

In 2018, you just can't afford to be losing customers due to a poorly designed website, store or marketplace.

Online store and marketplace design

We've been building online stores and marketplaces with MultiMerch and OpenCart for years.

This allowed us to gain experience in designing all of the important parts of an online store, such as:

  • product and category pages
  • cart and checkout pages
  • seller stores and profiles
  • internal account pages and others

Investing in a quality marketplace theme is a good first step to get started in e-commerce – but you can do much more!

User experience research

Design exists to serve your users – and a great design can't be created in a vacuum.

When creating designs for our products and for our clients, we usually start with a user experience research.

This means:

  • figuring out who actual the users are – and their needs
  • exploring usage patterns for existing products
  • collecting and systematizing user feedback

The user experience research data is then used to create mockups and build prototypes, which can then be used to create the final designs.

Designing great interfaces

Clunky and poorly thought out interfaces lead to a bad user experience.

Have you ever left a website due to an annoying video or popup?

Perhaps you've abandoned an online form that felt way too long and tiresome?

In an online marketplace, poor user experience leads to incomplete purchases and abandoned carts – which means subpar revenues.

If your goal is a successful online store or a marketplace then your customers deserve the best.

Analyzing user flow and redesigning for conversions

Good design doesn't just look good – it also converts well.

The primary objective of your product page is to convince the visitor to place the item in their cart.

The main goal of your cart page is to entice the customer to proceed to checkout.

Finally, a clean and flawless checkout process ensures the customer completes their order.

User flow analysis is a crucial steps to uncovering problems caused by ineffective design and correcting them to achieve great conversion rates.

Logo and branding

Brand awareness and customer loyalty aren't just buzzwords.

While having a strong brand and a great logo won't be your primary objective, customers are more likely to do business with companies they know and trust.

So, don't start your business by designing a logo and brand book – but keep in mind that you want your customers to remember you and trust you.