Digital marketing services

There's more to building a successful online marketplace than just software.

You'll need marketing to get your store off the ground and going successfully.

We taught ourselves marketing knowledge to be able to build great online marketplaces here at MultiMerch.

Market and industry research

There will always be competition no matter what.

You need to know your market and the players to stay on top of the competition:

  • how big is the market
  • how many competitors are there
  • who are the biggest players
  • what are their strong and weak points
  • how will you compete?

Market research is one of the first things you should go through after having decided to build a new online marketplace.

Audience research and buyer persona development

It's difficult to sell your idea and your products and services to clients if you don't know who your clients are.

Trying to target the whole world means you're spending way more on sales and marketing than you need to. It also means you're trying to sell things to people who don't need them – it's not good business.

On the other hand, knowing your core audiences and buyer personas will let you keep your effort laser focused on those who are more likely to become your clients.

Search queries and keyword research

Different people use different phrases when searching for similar things.

For example, developers may be looking for multi vendor software while business owners search for online marketplace platforms – both expecting to find a similar set of results.

Are you sure you know exactly what your clients are looking for – and what words they use when searching for it?

If you don't, you may be missing out on a large chunk of people who just won't be able to find you, even if they'd buy from you otherwise.

Content audit, research and planning

Content marketing is on the rise – in the form of blogs and newsletters, social media posts and informational videos.

People love great content and trust companies that create it – and search engines love it too.

If you're able to provide great informational resources covering topics in your industry, visitors will be finding you more often and will be much more likely to do business with you.

Creating and promoting great content takes skill and time, but it's worth it.

Marketing audit, strategy and roadmap

There are two important first steps towards getting somewhere:

  • taking a moment to find out where you are now
  • preparing a roadmap to success – and following it

Ask yourself – where is your company today in terms of marketing?

Do you have a marketing strategy that aligns with your business vision, mission and goals?

Do you know your market and competition and have an actionable plan to get to the top?

Do you have a content plan that guides all of your content efforts?

It's difficult to get somewhere if you don't know where you're going – this is true for marketing as well.