MultiMerch online marketplace services

MultiMerch Marketplace was initially a multi vendor software package to be used in custom projects.

Since then, we've assembled a great team of designers and developers here at MultiMerch – and are happy to work with business owners building custom online marketplace projects powered by MultiMerch software.

Online marketplace onboarding for small businesses

It takes a lot of effort to design and build a complex online marketplace platform from scratch.

To make it easier for businesses to get started with their own multi vendor platform, we offer the small business onboarding service.

MultiMerch business onboarding is designed to help you quickly and effectively launch your own online marketplace platform and includes:

  • complete MultiMerch setup by our team with a partner theme of your choice
  • onboarding call to help you get things going with MultiMerch
  • one month of MultiMerch maintenance and customization by our team
  • a MultiMerch license for one year of support and access to updates

We'll make sure your new online marketplace is up and running in days – and host it on your own servers so you can bring your team in and take it anywhere from there.

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Custom marketplace design and development

If your business needs more than a regular online marketplace setup, we'll have our designers and developers help you create something tailored to your needs.

We offer custom marketplace design and development services for businesses looking for:

  • online marketplaces capable of processing payments through specific payment gateways
  • custom-designed multi vendor marketplaces and integrations with specific themes
  • marketplaces with custom features and order processing and shipping flows
  • multi vendor marketplaces in a particular industry

Our online marketplace software was designed and built by our team and we know it in and out – and will put our experience to use to help you build a perfect marketplace for your business.

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Maintenance of online marketplaces

Designing and building a custom online marketplace is the first step – but it doesn't end there.

To ensure that your marketplace is safe and performing at its best you'll need to keep it maintained and updated.

As part of our MultiMerch maintenance service our team will help you take care of your marketplace. This includes:

  • a technical audit of your MultiMerch Marketplace setup
  • regular MultiMerch updates installed by our team
  • ongoing monitoring and issue resolution
  • 20 hours of custom development and design

Take your time and focus on growing your business and let us handle the technical aspects of running your marketplace.

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Multi vendor software for developers

MultiMerch Marketplace was originally created by developers for developers to use it in custom online marketplace projects.

Today, we're also offering MultiMerch Marketplace as a developer package, which includes:

  • a multi vendor extension for OpenCart 2.3
  • compatibility files for partner OpenCart themes
  • white label and open source code
  • documentation comments
  • translation files
  • support and access to updates

Purchasing the MultiMerch developer package will provide you with the MultiMerch Marketplace source code and one year of access to support and updates.

This way you can have your own developers build your next online marketplace with MultiMerch if you have a technical team.

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