Online marketplace onboarding for small business

Designing, building and launching a successful online marketplace from scratch is a complex project.

MultiMerch business onboarding is a service to help your business quickly get started with you own online marketplace powered by MultiMerch.

If you're a business owner looking to start your very own online marketplace without a huge technical team and large budgets – the onboarding will be a great first step.

What does MultiMerch onboarding include

MultiMerch Marketplace setup by our team

While we've designed MultiMerch for the best user experience, setting it up still requires technical knowledge or a developer on your team.

To help you get started, our team will set up MultiMerch for you – usually on your own servers.

Partner theme of your choice for your marketplace

We love beautifully designed online marketplaces, therefore we've partnered with a number of theme developers to make it possible to use their themes with MultiMerch.

As part of the onboarding, we will include one theme of your choice and configure your new marketplace to use it.

Onboarding call to help you get started with MultiMerch

To keep you in the loop and help you get acquainted with MultiMerch, we'll arrange an onboarding call with you where we'll walk you through the process of using MultiMerch.

We'll also help you with the initial configuration of MultiMerch to suit your business needs.

One month of MultiMerch maintenance by our team

Once everything is set up and running, we will closely work together with you to make sure MultiMerch is working smoothly.

During this period, you will have access to our designers and developers for 20 hours of work customizing, updating and tweaking your marketplace.

Technical support and access to updates for 12 months

MultiMerch onboarding includes a MultiMerch license offering you 12 months of technical support and access to MultiMerch updates.

We'll support you if any issues arise and you or your developer will be able to download the new MultiMerch versions to update your marketplace as they are released.

How MultiMerch onboarding works

First things first – getting to know you

Every project starts with a story and has clear goals – and we want to make sure MultiMerch is right for you.

Thus, we'll first need to know a bit more about your team, your business and your marketplace project:

  • what is your industry and background?
  • what kind of a team do you have – do you have your own developers?
  • what is your plan for your online marketplace – why do you need it and what's your metric of success?

This doesn't need to be long – a brief email or a quick call will do.

Selecting a theme for your marketplace

We offer a selection of great marketplace themes by our partners that can be used with MultiMerch.

The choice of the theme will usually depend on your industry, marketplace type and team composition.

Don't worry, we'll help you choose one to make sure it's right for your marketplace type and your requirements.

Getting ready – preparing the project plan and roadmap

To make sure the process goes smoothly, we'll prepare a personal onboarding plan and roadmap for you.

This way, we'll all be on the same page through all stages of the project's life cycle.

At this point, we'll also need the server access details from your hosting provider – such as CPanel credentials (we'll help you choose a hosting provider if you don't yet have one).

Starting the project and setting up MultiMerch

As soon as we receive your payment we'll automatically create a MultiMerch account for you.

Your MultiMerch account on our website gives you access to your MultiMerch license and software downloads.

Now, our team will perform a complete MultiMerch setup for you according to the roadmap – this includes setting up OpenCart, MultiMerch and your theme of choice.

Onboarding call and configuration assistance

After the setup is completed, we'll configure MultiMerch according to your business requirements and the best online marketplace practices.

We'll then arrange an onboarding call with you – during the call, we'll walk you through your new marketplace setup and answer any questions you may have.

At this point, you're ready to start inviting sellers and accepting orders in your MultiMerch marketplace.

One month of marketplace maintenance

When everything is ready, you will have one month of access to our team to help you customize your marketplace and make it perfect.

This includes assisting you with MultiMerch configuration and updating your MultiMerch setup if new versions are released.

The maintenance also includes 20 hours of custom design and development work – in case you need something customized or a feature added.

Technical support and access to updates

After the initial maintenance month is over, we'll be available to answer your questions and help you solve issues – but won't perform any direct work on your marketplace.

You will also keep the access to your MutiMerch account and will be able to download the latest MultiMerch updates once they're released.

Since your marketplace is hosted on your servers, you can have your technical team take over the control of your marketplace from here – or hire us for custom development and further maintenance.