Custom marketplace development with MultiMerch

MultiMerch is much more than just multi vendor marketplace software.

Over the years, we've worked with business owners all across the world helping them build custom online marketplaces powered by MultiMerch.

For small businesses, we offer an onboarding service to quickly get started with MultiMerch.

However, there's always more – while MultiMerch offers a decent set of online marketplace features out of the box, it can be used as a base to build a completely custom marketplace tailored to your needs.

Here are just some of the services we offer for business owners looking to build a unique online marketplace of their own:

  • implementing compatibility with third party themes in case you're looking for a particular marketplace style
  • creating custom payment methods so you can process seller payments using your particular gateway
  • integrating MultiMerch with shipping APIs for automated shipping calculation
  • building custom marketplace features that do not exist in MultiMerch out of the box
  • designing or redesigning your marketplace and company style completely from scratch
  • performing a marketing research and helping you create a complete marketing plan and strategy

Whether you're looking to build a completely customized online marketplace from scratch or looking for a specific service – we'll be happy to help!

Benefits of using MultiMerch for your online marketplace

A powerful seller system with no limits

Sellers (or vendors) are the heart of a MultiMerch marketplace – online marketplaces are all about sellers

MultiMerch lets sellers sign up to sell in your marketplace or have their accounts created manually by your staff.

Each MultiMerch seller has their own public profile and store within your marketplace and can accept orders from your customers.

The best thing – there's no limit on how many sellers you can have in MultiMerch, so you can keep growing and expanding.

Flexible product and order management for sellers

MultiMerch allows your sellers to list products in your marketplace and manage their own product and category catalogs.

Your customers can compare products from different sellers and purchase multiple products from multiple sellers at once – with a single payment.

As sellers dispatch their products and change their order statuses, customers receive notifications and are able to contact sellers if any questions arise.

Marketplace fees and payment processing

MultiMerch is designed to help you generate revenues – you can collect sign up, product listing and selling fees from your sellers.

We support aggregated and parallel payment flows in MultiMerch – you can choose which one's right for you.

You can use over 100 OpenCart payment extensions to accept aggregated payments from customers and make payouts to sellers via PayPal, bank transfer or manual payments off site.

MultiMerch also supports PayPal Adaptive for instant parallel payments between your customers and your sellers and Stripe Connect will be supported as part of MultiMerch 9.

Implementing compatibility with third part OpenCart themes

We've partnered with a few great OpenCart theme developers so you can use their themes with MultiMerch out of the box.

This is the easiest way to get started with an online marketplace powered by MultiMerch – but it is not the only way.

There are hundreds of third party OpenCart themes that can be used with MultiMerch through a manual integration process.

We've worked with dozens of different third party themes and will help you build a custom multi vendor marketplace with MultiMerch – and whichever theme you like.

Building integrations with custom payment gateways and shipping APIs

You can use MultiMerch with hundreds of OpenCart payment gateways and shipping integrations to process customer payments and manage shipping rates in your marketplace.

However, MultiMerch is capable of using any third party payment gateway for all payment types – we'll help you build a MultiMerch plugin to process payments to and from sellers using any custom payment method you may need.

The same applies to shipping – by default, MultiMerch lets sellers specify their own custom shipping rates for individual products to different locations and use combined weight-based shipping rates for automatic calculation.

We can do much more, though – our integration developers will be glad to build a custom shipping service integration or integrate a third party shipping calculation tool for use in your marketplace.

Online marketplace feature development

MultiMerch comes with dozens of crucial online marketplace features out of the box – seller and product management, order and payment processing, private messaging, reviews, notifications and more.

This doesn't mean that's all there is to a multi vendor marketplace.

Some marketplaces may need an extra set of product and order management tools, others may want custom product filtering and promotion features, yet others may be looking for a complex auction or booking system.

Even though MultiMerch doesn't include many of these features by default, we can build them for you – just like we've built MultiMerch in the first place.

Design and user experience research

Designing interfaces and implementing custom features is an ongoing process at MultiMerch.

We're staying in regular communication with our clients and collecting and systematizing their feedback to keep improving MultiMerch.

Every new MultiMerch feature and each new design goes through a specific process to get it from the idea to successful implementation.

If you're looking to improve your existing designs or create a completely new set of interfaces – our user experience team will be happy to help.

Digital marketing and promotion

Building an online marketplace is just the first step – you need a great marketing strategy to run it successfully.

We've not only been building MultiMerch to be as search engine friendly as possible, but have also been focusing on researching marketing specifics for online marketplaces.

From researching the industry and creating your buyer personas to preparing a complete marketing strategy and plans for your marketplace – we're here for you!