Maintenance of online marketplaces with MultiMerch

All MultiMerch plans come with one year of support and access to downloading MultiMerch updates.

In addition to this, we offer monthly maintenance services where our team will help you run your MultiMerch marketplace and keep it up to date.

The MultiMerch maintenance plan includes:

  • a technical audit of your MultiMerch marketplace health
  • MultiMerch updates and bugfixes installed by our team
  • ongoing monitoring, technical support and issue resolution
  • 20 hours of custom work – such as customizing your marketplace, creating new features and installing third party extensions

We're also quite flexible in terms of pricing – the maintenance plan can be purchased in individual months as needed.

Technical marketplace audit

The first step towards running a fresh and updated marketplace is figuring out its current state.

As part of the technical audit our team will assess the state of your MultiMerch setup, such as:

  • the current version of MultiMerch you're running
  • the versions of OpenCart and your custom theme
  • whether any errors are present in your logs – and the severity of them
  • the state of any third party extensions you may have installed

With the results of the audit at hand, we'll be able to create a roadmap for bringing your MultiMerch marketplace up to date.

Installing MultiMerch bugfixes and updates

Running a self hosted MultiMerch marketplace means your team is responsible for downloading and installing the updates.

While it isn't a complex procedure if done regularly, it still does require some technical knowledge – and skipping regular updates will make it more difficult to update in the future.

At MultiMerch, we release about one major and a few minor updates each month that include new features as well as security and stability fixes.

The MultiMerch maintenance plan is designed to help you keep your marketplace safe and updated on a regular basis so you never find your business depending on an outdated and vulnerable software.

When you sign up for MultiMerch maintenance, our team will update your marketplace to the latest MultiMerch version – and keep it updated if new MultiMerch versions are released.

Customization work and third party extensions

In addition to installing MultiMerch updates, every month of MultiMerch maintenance includes 20 hours of custom work by our team.

This may cover such work as:

  • fixing errors unrelated to MultiMerch
  • installing third party extensions
  • customizing the look and feel of your marketplace
  • creating new features and improving existing functionality

If you need more than that, you'll always be able to hire us as part of a larger custom project.

Monitoring and technical support

Getting your marketplace updated is just the beginning – we'll want to make sure everything works just as expected.

Therefore, we'll be keeping an eye on your marketplace – our team will be going through the logs and doing regular check-ins with you to make sure all's well.

In an ideal scenario, there won't be a need for much more than that. However, if something doesn't work as expected – we'll help you get it fixed.