MultiMerch software for online marketplace developers

MultiMerch was initially built by developers for use in our own custom online marketplace projects.

While we mostly work on creating custom online marketplaces for business owners nowadays, we still offer MultiMerch as a software solution for developers.

Extension for OpenCart 2.3

MultiMerch package for developers comes in the form of an extension for OpenCart 2.3.

MultiMerch uses some of the core OpenCart systems – such as product management, order processing and payments – and extends it with a number of online marketplace features:

  • the complete seller system with front stores and accounts
  • multi vendor shipping system
  • payment processing for sellers
  • order management to support orders from multiple sellers
  • private messaging for sellers and buyers
  • product questions, reviews and comments
  • product categories, options and attributes for sellers
  • and others

This allows developers to quickly build an online marketplace powered by OpenCart and MultiMerch or upgrade regular OpenCart online stores to multi vendor marketplaces.

Compatibility files for partner themes

In addition to MultiMerch core files, the MultiMerch developer package includes compatibility files for some of the most popular OpenCart themes:

  • Journal
  • Basel
  • Technopolis
  • Pavilion
  • Shoppica
  • Organie
  • Kiddos
  • Trendo
  • MoneyMaker2

Some compatibility packages contain as much as 3000 lines of code – custom styles, scripts and templates – to make MultiMerch completely compatible with a particular theme.

This means you or your developers will be able to use MultiMerch with these themes out of the box, without having to spend weeks, sometimes months, implementing compatibility from scratch.

Compatibility files are maintained and updated by the MultiMerch team – we update them on a regular basis as new MultiMerch and theme versions are released.


White label and open source code

MultiMerch developer package comes with a completely open source code, notwithstanding the commercial license.

We don't use encryption, which means developers have full access to MultiMerch sources and can modify them to customize MultiMerch for a specific project.

There are no branding or backlink requirements – you can style your online marketplace in any way you like without having to indicate the fact that it is powered by MultiMerch.

While a single MultiMerch license is valid for a single online marketplace project, we allow one license to be used on multiple development and staging environments to make building online marketplaces with MultiMerch easier.

Documentation comments

Most of the MultiMerch 8 source code is either documented in comments or is written to be self documenting.

Since we ourselves use MultiMerch for custom online marketplace projects, the MultiMerch code is created with developers in mind.

In addition to this, the upcoming MultiMerch 9 version will feature its own API and an online documentation.

Translation files

MultiMerch comes with translation files for a number of languages included:

  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Romanian
  • French
  • German
  • Arabic

The Russian and Ukrainian translations are maintained and regularly updated by our own team and are the most complete ones.

The Portuguese translation is being maintained by one of our partners from Portugal.

The rest of translations are being updated occasionally and contain about 50% to 70% of all MultiMerch text strings translated as of MultiMerch 8.14.

Support and access to updates

All MultiMerch plans – including the developer package – come with one full year of technical support and access to MultiMerch updates.

As soon as a new MultiMerch update is released, it becomes available for download in your account on our website, and can be downloaded and installed on your marketplace.

The MultiMerch update system is designed to make it as simple as possible to update MultiMerch to newer versions – in most cases, you'll only need to upload the new files.

Additionally, if you want our team to keep your marketplace maintained and up to date, we're happy to offer a complete maintenance service separately.