Online stores with OpenCart and MultiMerch

At MultiMerch, we mostly specialize in building multi vendor online marketplaces using MultiMerch and OpenCart.

However, not every business needs an online marketplace – in many cases, you will be fine with a regular, single vendor online store.

If you're already running an online store with OpenCart and need help maintaining it or are looking for one to be created from scratch – our team will be happy to help you out.

An online store for your business

You have lots of different options when it comes to creating your own online store – OpenCart is only one of them.

We've been working with OpenCart online stores and marketplaces for years and know it well.

Here at MultiMerch, we like building online stores with OpenCart for a number of reasons:

  • its simplicity and a decent core feature set
  • an abundance of decent themes and extensions
  • good performance and low hosting requirements
  • its flexibility – OpenCart can be modified to do pretty much anything

If you've already decided to use OpenCart to build your next online store – great!

If you're just looking around and comparing your options – let us know and we'll help you decide whether or not OpenCart is right for you.

Read more about how we can help you build an OpenCart online store for your business.


OpenCart development and integration services

To create a great online marketplace extension for OpenCart, we first had to learn OpenCart in and out.

This also meant improving OpenCart where it falls short – such as creating our own SEO system, implementing per product shipping, building a custom payment plugin system for sellers and more.

Today, our core MultiMerch development team regularly handles:

  • creating and modifying OpenCart payment and shipping extensions
  • building custom order and payment flows in OpenCart stores
  • improving or rebuilding OpenCart core systems
  • and all other aspects of running an OpenCart online store

If you're looking for an OpenCart team to take your OpenCart store to the next level – you're in the right place.

Read more about the OpenCart development services offered by our team.


Support and maintenance of OpenCart online stores

There's more to running a successful online store with OpenCart than just development.

Keeping your OpenCart store updated and maintained properly is no less important.

This includes:

  • upgrading your OpenCart core
  • keeping themes and extensions up to date
  • installing new extensions and removing outdated ones
  • monitoring log files and solving issues as they arise
  • setting up an automated back up system

If you're not sure whether your OpenCart setup needs maintenance – we'll be happy to offer you a free consultation first.

Read more about the OpenCart maintenance services that we offer.