OpenCart development and integration services

MultiMerch is one of the most popular – and complex – online marketplace extensions for OpenCart.

To make it possible, we first had to gain first hand experience of the inner workings of OpenCart, including:

  • OpenCart's core MVC architecture and class loaders
  • OpenCart's theme, extension and modification systems
  • OpenCart's catalog, payment, order and shipping management and more

Today, we are happy to use the experience we've gained not only in making MultiMerch itself better, but also in helping OpenCart store owners build and run successful online stores.

Creating custom OpenCart payment extensions

OpenCart comes with dozens of payment extensions out of the box.

There are also hundreds of OpenCart payment extensions available from third party developers.

In some cases, though, you may need a custom payment extension built specifically for your OpenCart online store.

Here at MultiMerch, we had to design our own payment system specifically for multi vendor environments – and creating a regular OpenCart payment extension isn't nearly as complex.

Improving OpenCart features and building new ones

There's a decent set of features included in OpenCart by default.

However, not all of them are great – and something isn't available at all.

To make MultiMerch into the best OpenCart online marketplace system, we had to improve a number of OpenCart features and build a few new ones from scratch.

If you're running a regular OpenCart online store and think it needs an extra feature or two – get in touch with us!

Designing and implementing OpenCart themes

MultiMerch has partnered with a number of great OpenCart theme developers to make it possible to use their themes with online marketplaces powered by MultiMerch.

We also had to create a set of compatibility files to make these themes work and look great with MultiMerch.

In process, we've gained a deal of experience working with OpenCart themes – and will be glad to help you choose the right theme for your store.

Resolving theme and extension conflicts

There are hundreds of OpenCart themes and thousands of OpenCart extensions available on OpenCart Marketplace and on third party websites.

This means you'll almost always find an extension to fill your particular need.

However, this also means you'll often run into conflicts between one or more of your extensions and your OpenCart theme.

Since MultiMerch is a complex OpenCart extension, we've been specializing in resolving theme and extension conflicts in OpenCart for as long as MultiMerch exists – and will be glad to share our experience.

Maintaining, updating and supporting OpenCart stores

Sometimes you'll have to deal with OpenCart bugs and error messages even without heavy custom development.

This happens – OpenCart has bugs, many third party themes and extensions have even more of them.

At MultiMerch, we've designed our very own debug system to help us keep our clients' online marketplaces error-free and up to date.

If you think your OpenCart online store is in need of maintenance – let us know!