An OpenCart online store for your business

OpenCart is a decent shopping cart system for building small to medium sized online stores.

If you're still considering whether or not OpenCart is for you – feel free to check out our complete article on OpenCart: What is OpenCart (and should you use it?).

If you've already decided that you're willing to build your next online store with OpenCart – we'll be happy to help you bring it from idea to success.

OpenCart benefits for creating an online store

Simple architecture and a decent set of features

While OpenCart may not be enough if you're intending to build an enterprise-grade online marketplace, it will suit most small and medium online stores just fine.

OpenCart offers a robust set of product catalog management features as well as payment processing, order management and marketing tools.

It is also designed as a simple MVC-type software which means a smaller learning curve and more customization possibilities.

Free core system, plenty of themes and extensions

OpenCart itself is completely free and comes with an open source code.

In addition to offering a number of features out of the box, OpenCart can be styled with themes and extended with thousands of third party extensions.

Compared to many other online shopping carts, OpenCart themes and extensions come at a relatively low cost making it quite affordable for small business.

Low system requirements for hosting

When it comes to choosing a hosting provider for your OpenCart store, OpenCart is pretty flexible.

You won't need much – you can technically run your OpenCart store on a budget shared hosting, least in the beginning.

Large international following and extensive resources

OpenCart is a well known open source shopping cart system with large official and unofficial communities.

This means if you run into any OpenCart-related questions, you'll usually find them already answered on the official OpenCart forums or Quora and StackOverflow.

While the official OpenCart documentation could be better, there's a number of great unofficial resources covering everything from the initial OpenCart setup to maintenance and troubleshooting.

We can help you launch your online store with OpenCart

Here at MultiMerch, we've spent years building great online marketplaces with MultiMerch and OpenCart – and building a regular online store isn't nearly as complex.

We can help you get your online store from idea to reality with OpenCart.

Preparing the specification and roadmap

A good specification and roadmap is the first step to any successful project.

It is also a way to making sure your online store is built on time and on budget – no one likes delayed projects.

Thus, we'll want you to tell us a bit more about your online store, such as:

  • what is your industry and business background
  • why do you need an online store
  • how will you process payments and orders
  • what kind of a team you have to help you

Once we have the information, we'll be able to prepare a much more detailed project specification to make sure we're all on the same page.

Choosing the right OpenCart theme and extensions

There are hundreds of OpenCart themes and thousands of OpenCart extensions out there.

We have our own set of partner themes that we know and recommend to MultiMerch marketplace owners and OpenCart store owners.

However, you're not limited to these – if you're looking for something else, we'll help you choose the right OpenCart theme and extensions for your online store.

Choosing the best OpenCart hosting provider

OpenCart doesn't require powerful servers – not in the beginning, at least.

Thus, choosing a great OpenCart hosting provider usually means looking for a reliable service and a great support team behind it.

We have a few hosting providers that we usually recommend for our OpenCart and MultiMerch clients, such as A2Hosting and StableHost.

If you already have your own hosting purchased, no worries – you can use it as well.

Getting it all set up and configured

If all the preliminary steps have been done correctly, the actual process of setting up and configuring OpenCart isn't too complex.

Still, depending on your requirements, some extra steps may be needed – such as creating layouts, configuring your theme and making sure it's all working fine together.

Here, we'll be working with you more closely to make sure everything is just right.

Once your online store is ready and tested, we'll arrange an onboarding call to get you acquainted with the features and administrative controls.

Keeping your OpenCart store maintained

At this point you're ready to start accepting and processing orders in your new OpenCart online store.

Depending on your team composition and the amount of services required, we'll either keep working with you to extend your online store with new features or just be checking in once in a while to make sure it's all good.

In any case, our team will always be available to offer you support if something doesn't work as expected or if you have any questions.