Support and maintenance of OpenCart online stores

While OpenCart is a great free shopping cart solution, it needs maintenance to keep running smoothly.

We're offering a set of OpenCart support and maintenance services to OpenCart store owners to help them keep their online stores stable, safe and performing at their peak capacity.

Keeping OpenCart core and theme up to date

It's never a good idea to run an outdated OpenCart setup – both for security and stability reasons.

Ideally, your OpenCart online store should be running the latest stable version of OpenCart and the latest version of your theme.

Here at MultiMerch, we're regularly working with our marketplace clients to keep their online marketplaces maintained and up to date.

If you have a regular OpenCart online store that needs an update – we'll be happy to help.

Installing new extensions, removing outdated ones

OpenCart has thousands of third party extensions available.

However, not all of them are great and not all of them are being properly maintained by their developers.

Also, not all of them are needed – many common OpenCart issues can be resolved with a simple modification.

We will help you choose the right extensions for your OpenCart store and remove the ones that may be causing trouble.

Monitoring log files and resolving issues and errors

In the worst case, you've just run into a critical OpenCart error and are scrambling for a solution to get your online store back up.

This can happen – and we'll help you bring your OpenCart store back to life.

However, paying close attention to OpenCart log files is a great way to prevent this from happening in the future.

We've gotten pretty good in resolving OpenCart issues over the years of building MultiMerch and running online marketplaces – and will share the experience with you!

Setting up automated OpenCart backups

Doing occasional backups of your OpenCart store is better than not having any backups at all.

Still, setting up a proper automated backup and restore system is an even better idea to make sure you'll never lose your data.

Our technical team will be happy to help you set up automated OpenCart backups with your hosting provider to keep your peace of mind.

Technical OpenCart audit

Most OpenCart stores we've worked with need at least some technical maintenance – and many need it badly.

How do you know if your OpenCart store is in a good shape?

We're offering a free OpenCart technical audit where our team will assess the current state of your OpenCart store and provide you with some recommendations on keeping it well maintained.