3D Printer’s bay is the premiere online marketplace completely dedicated to the wonderful world of 3D printers. It allows buyers and sellers to connect, often saving buyers hundreds when it compared with retail sites. The site is completely PayPal integrated allowing both buyers and sellers to go about their business in confidence.

While the 3D printing boom has really taken off this decade, the technology has been around since the 1980s. Unfortunately, until relatively recently, the patent on the technology was staunchly guarded, which explains the delay. Better late than never, however, and now the variety of consumer grade 3D printers on the market means that anyone interested in the technology can find the right entry point for them.

3D Printers Bay sells countless variations on the 3D printer from numerous reliable sellers, but more importantly, sells 3D printers created by the original makers of the device. With the online portal in place buyers and sellers around the world can now meet and products, blueprints and best practices.