The development team known as Clickteam, known for their popular Klick and Play, Multimedia Fusion and Games Factory series, is comprised of a wide variety of developers. The two most well-known names associated with the company are Yves Lamoureux and Francois Lionet who have both been creating software for the personal computer since the early 1980s.

Lionet started out on his own making programs for Atari and Amiga devices while Yves bounced around during the 1980s between several software companies. The two met while working on the Klick & Play series and have been working tougher ever since.

Clickteam is comprised of developers, not businessmen which means their approach is different than that of many other companies. They pride themselves on their ability to focus on the guaranteed quality level of every line of code and every shipped product. Their releases also typically aim to approach the market from a slightly skewed angle. Their products also tend to contain fewer bugs thanks to their public beta tests, many more of which are likely on the way in the future.