City of Masters

City of Masters is the premiere online marketplace for craftsmen from the Republic of Belarus. The site features gifts and handmade items from local craftsmen who are keeping the skills of their forefathers alive through the mediums of clay, metal, wood, glass, or fabric. The local translation of those who practice these types of crafts is master and each master expresses themselves through their work, projecting a level of heart and soul into their works that no mass produced variation could ever hope to match.

While there are countless online marketplaces available with the click of a button, City of Masters actively strives to promote the folk art tradition of its nation and the history behind its craftsmen unions. The site also offers forums and other types of community support for those in the trades who are looking to expand their horizons. All told, the site helps to maintain traditions going back countless generations, provide a new generation access to these skills and preserve the folk ways of the Belarus people.

Our web team truly cares about our customers, and our artists, they are always hard at work monitoring negative feedback, posted transactions and remaining vigilant against items for sale that violate the site’s guidelines. Greetings from a world of harmony and creativity!