Who is NYC WallART? Simply a group of music lovers and artists joined together with the goal of showcasing limited art pieces, exclusives and original works from established as well as emerging artists in NYC and beyond; while also selling signed originals as well as prints done on canvas of particularly popular pieces. Their artists also work on commission, creating custom art to spec. as needed. Quotes are available upon request.


Generate the tools and provide an outlet for artistic expression. They hope to connect with those who are interested, not just in buying art, but in understanding where it comes from. We also hope to connect artists with the public and in so doing, push creativity and imagination to even greater heights. Through the use of meetup events, artists and fans meet in order to share their unique takes on vision, style, art and life. The “Fun Stuff” section of the site allows fans transform their favorite works of art into shirts, bags, accessories and more.