MultiMerch Support Policy

1. Support Channels

The official support of MultiMerch Marketplace software is provided through MultiMerch Helpdesk. To submit a ticket to MultiMerch Helpdesk, please fill out the form on the MultiMerch Support page.

MultiMerch does not provide official support through third party channels such as e-mail, Skype or Facebook.

2. Support Times

The official MultiMerch support hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00 (Eastern European Time, or GMT+2). We will respond to the initial support request within one working day and will in most cases respond to consecutive queries within 24 hours – this can vary depending on the volume of inquiries and the nature of the request.

3. Support Duration

All of the regular MultiMerch Marketplace plans include 1 year of support and updates from the purchase date.

4. Support Coverage

MultiMerch Support will help you with the following:

  • Answer your questions about the MultiMerch system design and usage
  • Provide assistance with issues caused by the defects in the MultiMerch system code
  • Provide assistance with issues during MultiMerch installation and configuration (Professional & Business plans)
  • Help resolve issues caused by partner themes (Professional & Business plans)

MultiMerch Support does not officially cover:

  • Incorrectly submitted support requests, requests lacking information and questionas answered by our MultiMerch FAQ and Common Problems pages
  • Installation, configuration and customization process of MultiMerch software
  • Issues caused by outdated versions of MultiMerch and OpenCart
  • Issues caused by modified/customized versions of MultiMerch and OpenCart
  • Issues caused by third party plugins, themes and software

MultiMerch Update Policy

1. Release Schedule

MultiMerch follows the rolling release development model and MultiMerch updates are released on a regular basis.

The latest information on MultiMerch updates can be found in the MultiMerch Changelog.

2. Update Delivery

MultiMerch updates are delivered to MultiMerch customer accounts on MultiMerch website. The user is responsible for downloading and installing MultiMerch updates to their MultiMerch installation on a regular basis.

MultiMerch does not provide update installation services to MultiMerch users under the regular support policy.

3. Bugfixes

All reported issues that are related to deficiencies in the MultiMerch code are assigned a priority and kept in the MultiMerch issue tracker. Minor and normal priority bugfixes are included in the upcoming MultiMerch release. High priority bugfixes are published as separate MultiMerch updates.